We work to make postsecondary education the easy choice for young Vermonters because we believe college and career training opens the door to lifelong opportunities. 

In all we do, we’re committed to a relational approach that centers equity, takes the long view, and advances systems development and systemic change. 

We were established in 1995 as the first supporting organization at the Vermont Community Foundation and as a way to continue the family tradition of collaborative, entrepreneurial philanthropy practiced by our founders, Lois McClure and her late husband, J. Warren “Mac” McClure. 

In 2008, after supporting broad charitable efforts and considering many issues and opportunities critical to Vermont communities, we focused our philanthropic lens on promoting equitable access to postsecondary and career education. We commissioned research and published a report with the Vermont Community Foundation on roles for Vermont philanthropy to advance the issue, which became -- and remains -- the exclusive focus of our grantmaking. Some years later, we entered into a public-private partnership with the Vermont Department of Labor to identify and promote Vermont's high-pay, high-demand jobs. That partnership continues today in the form of the Vermont's Most Promising Jobs resource.

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Our Founders

Even as our understanding of the needs and opportunities facing Vermonters and Vermont communities evolves, our work continues to be guided and inspired by the experiences and values of our remarkable founders, Lois and Mac. We welcome you to read the life histories of J. Warren “Mac” McClure and Lois McClure as compiled by our president, Barbara Benedict.