Sustaining Grants Portfolio:
An Overview

As part of our overall grantmaking strategy, we maintain a portfolio of small-scale, multi-year grants to help sustain proven and ongoing networks, programs and events that are squarely aligned with our mission. These grants, which typically range between $1,500 - $5,000 per year for three years, are proactively awarded based on our deep knowledge of Vermont's programming and event landscape.

These grants do not require formal proposals or grant reports. In lieu of formal reporting, partners in our sustaining grants portfolio are encouraged to occasionally share observations, insights, and annual reports with Foundation staff as might be helpful for the Foundation's learning.

Programs of interest include:

  • Programs that promote equity within Vermont's public education systems. 
  • Programs that support the postsecondary planning and career development progression of middle- and high-school students, especially those from low-income backgrounds and those who have been historically marginalized. 
  • Programs that assist Vermont students in the successful transition to education and training beyond high school.
  • Networks, events, or media coverage aligned with our mission.